Thesis Supervision

Immanuel Schwall (in progress)
Multimodal Embeddings for Clinical Retrieval
Floran Gmehlin (in progress)
Cross-Language Clinical Information Retrieval
Felix Mance (in progress)
Semantic Representation of Clinical Information Needs
Simon Greuter (in progress)
Semantic Embeddings in Medical Retrieval
Jan Wilken Dörrie (in progress)
Spatio-temporal Embeddings of Urban Structures
Zsolt Mezei (in progress)
Evaluation of Music Recommender Systems for Groups
Jing Yang (in progress)
Automatic Semantic Map Annotation
Faiza Alsaied (2016)
Semantic Embeddings for Document Retrieval
Rolf Jagerman (2016)
Web-scale Topic Models
Lukas Elmer (2015)
Hierarchical Paragraph Vector Models
Maria Han Veiga (2015)
Task-driven Information Valuation on the Web
Jared Niederhauser (2015)
Diversity-aware Ranking on the Web Graph
Martin Davtyan (2015)
Exploiting Inter-document Context for Crowdsourcing
Siddharth Sarda (2015)
Semantic Place Annotation in Mobile Communication Streams
Marina Horlescu (2014)
Loopy Belief Propagation for Large Scale Entity Linking
Florian Schmidt (2014)
Training Semantic Parsers from Entity-annotated Corpora
Pieter Dekker (2011)
Children's Roles in Web Search

Angela Rellstab (in progress)
Query Expansion for Clinical Decision Support
Philip Junker (in progress)
Topic Modeling for Medical Information Retrieval
Lorenz Kuhn (in progress)
Natural Language Pre-Processing for Clinical Decision Support
Tobias Verhulst (2016)
Interactive Training and Feedback for Crowdsourcing Workers
Nino Weingart (2016)
Interactive Knowledge Organization on Wikipedia
Nina Zinsli (2015)
Modelling User Demographics and Behaviour
Kieran Nirkko (2015)
Measuring Document Indexeability on the Web