SIGIR 2016 – Pisa, Italy

My personal highlights among the full paper presentations:

As well as some promising short papers:

  • Tetsuya Sakai
    Two Sample T-tests for IR Evaluation: Student or Welch?
    The author contests the widely-accepted notion that a Welch t-test be unconditionally preferable over a two-sample Student test. The investigation concludes that, if sample sizes differ substantially, and if the larger sample has a substantially larger variance, Welch’s t-test may not be reliable.
  • Bevan Koopman et al.
    A Test Collection for Matching Patients to Clinical Trials
    . The authors annotated 60 existing TREC CDS patient descriptions in terms of their eligibility for participation in a wide range of publicly advertised clinical trials.
  • Sumit Sidana et al.
    Health Monitoring on Social Media over Time
    . Using a spatio-temporal topic modeling approach, the authors investigate which medical conditions people manifest on social media at different geographical locations as well as points in time (e.g., throughout the seasons).