ECIR 2015 in Vienna, Austria

These are my personal highlights of the oral paper presentations:

  • Morgan Harvey and Fabio Crestani Long Time, No Tweets! Time-aware Personalised Hashtag Suggestion. The authors recommend hashtag candidates for tweets in order to increase retrieveability and organization of content in a microblogging environment. In particular, their method is based on temporal distribution patterns of tags observed in the training data.
  • Matthias Hagen et al.  A Corpus of Realistic Known-Item Topics with Associated Web Pages in the ClueWeb09. The authors present a collection of textual documents relating to the task of known item retrieval. Their selection was created sampling questions from Yahoo Answers that were satisfied by resources in the ClueWeb’09 Web page corpus. As an aside, the authors annotate cases of false memories in which users’ original requests are misleading and needed substantial reformulation aid from the Q&A community.
  • Grace Yang et al.  Designing States, Actions, and Rewards for Using POMDP in Session Search. The authors present a model of user behaviour in search sessions based on reinforcement learning. In particular, they rely on Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes to capture the relevant components of the search process.
  • Horatiu Bota et al.  Exploring Composite Retrieval from the Users’ Perspective. (Best Paper) The authors study the emerging task of composite retrieval in which semantically related results from different content verticals are presented in so-called bundles. Based on an empirical study, they investigate bundle relevance, coherence and diversity.