Crowdsourcing Challenge Grant for Delft and Iowa

Crowdsourcing becomes a market of steadily growing importance on which both academia and industry, rely increasingly heavily. However, this market appears to be inherently infested with a significant share of malicious workers who try to maximise their profits through cheating or sloppiness. This serves to undermine the very merits crowdsourcing has come to represent. Based on previous experience as well as psychological insights, we propose the use of a game in crowdsourcing scenarios in order to attract and retain a larger share of entertainment seekers to relevance assessment tasks.

A joint proposal with Christopher Harris and Padmini Srinivasan from The University of Iowa as well as Arjen de Vries from CWI Amsterdam was awarded a Crowdsourcing Challenge research grant.

BooksOnline’11 Workshop at CIKM

During the past years, the Web culture has been growing more and more enticing, centering many services around social media and collaboratively shared content. The vast range of possible exploitations of such community platforms include viral marketing, collaborative tagging, recommendation or content creation. BooksOnline’11 aims to offer a forum for bringing together expertise from academia, industry and library professionals to facilitate exchange on research and application of social media in the field of digital libraries.
A special form of collaboration on the Web that has been emerging lately is crowdsourcing. It is being used with increasing frequency and volume in numerous research fields and aspires to become a dedicated field of research at the intersection of social and computer science. Crowdsourcing has been shown to be a valid means of addressing large-scale system evaluation, cold start and sparsity issues as well as facilitating usability studies.
BooksOnline’11 will encourage strong exploitation of the incentives and benefits of these major forms of massive on-line collaboration for digital libraries.

BooksOnline’11 will be co-located to the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) in Glasgow, Scotland on 24th October 2011