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A Cross-Platform Collection of Social Network Profiles

The proliferation of Internet-enabled devices and services has led to a shifting balance between digital and analogue aspects of our everyday lives. In the face of this development there is a growing demand for the study of privacy hazards, the potential for unique user de-anonymization and information leakage between the various social media profiles many of us maintain. To enable the structured study of such adversarial effects, this paper presents a dedicated dataset of cross-platform social network personas (i.e., the same person has accounts on multiple platforms). The corpus comprises 850 users who generate predominantly English content. Each user entry contains the online footprint of the same natural person in three distinct social networks: Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. In total, it encompasses over 2.5M tweets, 350k check-ins and 42k Instagram posts. We describe the collection methodology, characteristics of the dataset, and how to obtain it. Finally, we discuss one common use case, cross-platform user identification.

The dataset can be obtained in the data section and its description has been accepted for presentation in ACM SIGIR 2016.